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hero + loses all data after dropped

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So yesterday i took about an hours worth of footage for my band with my gopro hero + onto a completely empty micro SD card however, someone knocked the camera down about 5 feet off of a ledge onto a concrete floor following the ending of the recording. When i checked the camera this morning, it showed up as NO SD, and upon inserting the SD card straight into my computer the folders inside turned up empty. I was curious if this has been known to happen following gopro drops, and if there is any way to recover the important lost files. 



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Re: hero + loses all data after dropped

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Usually if the SD card gets dislodged while recording you can/will lose the last chapter recorded because the video recording is not properly closed, but not everything on the card. It doesn't really make sense how the data could get erased as it wasn't even in the camera once it got dislodged. Very weird. There are recovery programs out there that you can try, but many are scams that don't work or will install malware. Your best bet is to check with the manufacturer of your SD card directly and see what they recommend. Best of luck.