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hero+ LCD not responding

Hi, my camera is again giving me trouble again :(  I stop counting how many time since I got it several years back.  It froze again.

Wifi light is blinking, however, I can't start the camera or access it through my phone or other devices.

Now even telling me my password is wrong, I changed the password but still at square 1, seriously what's next?

Please, could you guide so I can rectify this issue for good? In the past, I had to drain the battery, to recharge it and start it again.


I truly hope there is permanent solution for this otherwise this is a peace of the "c..." I am so not happy with it since day 1 with it.

I lost so many great memories because of it.

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Re: hero+ LCD not responding

Have you spoke with GoPro regarding the issues you've been having? You can reach them here

Unfortunately the one year warranty you had is long since past. If you've been having issues since day one, it probably would have been better to get the camera exchanged back then. This is a member to member support community, so we can only offer pretty basic suggestions.

First, you want to hold down the front Mode/Power button for about 10-12 seconds and then release. This should reboot the camera. Try a few times if it doesn't work the first. If this doesn't reboot the camera, then you might have to drain the battery as you've done in the past. Be sure to take out your SD card.

What SD card are you using (make/model/size)? Have you tried using alternative cards? How often do you format your card?

The card should be from this list

Perform a FULL (not quick) format of the card in your computer and then do a Manual update if you can.
Be sure to format the SD card in the camera and do a factory reset when you are done.