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hero 6 black freezes

Hi all!


When I press the record button, the camera freezing, and I have to remove battery to restart the camera.

I use the recommended card (Lexar 1000x 128 GB), I did firmware update , and card format as well.


I know this is an old issue, but I found an interesting thing. If I connect to the camera with smart phone through WIFI, and start a video recording from the phone, the camera does not freeze. The red dot appears on the screen but the camera does not record a video. Only stores a mp4 file on the sd card with the size of 0MB. If I stop the recording, disconect the phone, switch off the camera and switch on again, the first video recording works fine at any resolution, and any frame rate. I can repeat it unlimited times. But only the first. At the second start it freezes again. I tried this with another cards (sandisc extreme 32GB, sandisc extreme 64GB and Kingston 64 GB wich is a not supported type) and the first recording worked fine with all cards. So I think it is not a card related issue. I think its firmware issue.

What do you think about this?

Best regards


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Re: hero 6 black freezes

Hello @attilau3154


Thank you for trying to isolate the issue.

Though your camera is on the latest version, please try to re-flash the software.

This usually corrects any issues encountered with the previous installation.

Make sure to this with a recommended SD card.


You can also check: Camera Freezes Up


Let us know how it goes.
You may also reach out to our Support Team for assistance. 





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Re: hero 6 black freezes

Thank you for your prompt reply.
As I wrote I use a recommended card, and I re flashed the firmware a few times, but it did not solve the problem. I tried all firmware versions and at this moment I have the last one on the camera.
The main point is not the issue, but the interesting solution what I wrote above.
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Re: hero 6 black freezes

Thank you for sharing @attilau3154

We'll have this forwarded to the team in charge.