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hero 5 sd card error after fw update

I attempted to update my hero 5 to 2.70, and now I have no rear screen video, it always says sd card error, and the mode button doesn't work.


I have tried other batteries, cards. I have formatted the cards using my macbook air. The gopro quik app shows that the fw is now at 2.70.


is there a way to set it back to factory default when it has no rear screen video?


other ideas?

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Re: hero 5 sd card error after fw update

Hello @rockywave2472. Unfortunately, the reset settings are only accessible through the touch LCD screen. If the issue persists after going through the suggested troubleshooting steps, our Support team will be able to assist you with the next steps. You may reach out to them through to initiate a callback request or chat with one of the representatives.

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Re: hero 5 sd card error after fw update


I chatted with tech support for about an hour, and they tried their best. Nothing worked. So they gave me a 20% coupon towards a new 8 black. 


I let the 5 black charge overnight, and it started recognizing the sd card (for unknown reasons, because all the batteries were displaying over 80% charge), but the mode button still doesn't work. The only way to turn on the gopro is either by plugging in the battery, or the top (start instantly recording) button. And to turn off the device, you have to do the same. I tried with limited success to use the voice command "gopro turn off" to get it to power down. but at least I could get the device on, and without the SD card error.


I disassembled it after watching several youtube videos, hoping to find some obvious reason why the mode button didn't work. No such luck. After cleaning (it really wasn't dirty inside), and reassembling, the mode button still didn't work. So I ran to target and got the new Hero 8 black at the Fathers and Grad's discount price of $299. This was the same price I could have gotten from the gopro website because the discounts don't 'stack'. (I tried).


I guess I'll continue to use the old 5 as a extra battery recharger.

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Re: hero 5 sd card error after fw update

I had the same issue after updating my Hero 5 yesterday. 

I was able to recover with the following steps:

1) Reformat the SD card on your PC.

2) Copy UPDATE folder to root of SD card.

3) Install SD Card in Hero 5 slot (with fresh battery).

4) Wait for update to complete (2 steps followed by check mark).


6) Swipe down to select PREFERENCES

7) Scroll to the bottom of the list (swiping up)

8) Select Format SD Card and confirm DELETE

9) Select Factory Reset and confirm RESET

10) Walk through setup

My Hero 5 now works again :)