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Re: hero 4 black internal battery drain before the bacpac battery

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Re: hero 4 black internal battery drain before the bacpac battery

My Hero 4 Black does the same thing.  I have tried 3 different internal batteries and 3 different battery bacpacs. 


I'm not sure if this started with version 5.00 or if it has always done this. 


GoPro phone support seemed to think it was the fault of the internal battery but I don't think so.  I think there is something going on with the battery meter itself inside the camera. 


In my tests, I have fully charged both the internal battery and the bacpac.  Then I put in an empty 64GB card and start recording.  The top line on the battery meter (bacpac) starts to decline before the bottom line (internal battery).  This is good.  However, after about an hour and the top line gets down to 1 bar, instead of reducing to zero bars and proceeding to drain internal battery (bottom line), the top line then jumps up to 2 bars.  Strange.  Then the bottom line runs down to zero and the camera ultimately shuts off, while there appears to be 2 bars remaining on the bacpac. Very bizarre.


However, if I then remove the internal battery and try to power on the Hero 4 with just the bacpac, it won't power on, because the bacpac is dead.  All 3 bacpacs do this. 


It may be that my Hero 4 is draining the batteries in the correct order but just not showing this correctly on the meter.


I would like to downgrade to version 4.00 and see if this still happens but I haven't found a trustworthy source for this firmware yet.


Any thoughts?

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Re: hero 4 black internal battery drain before the bacpac battery


Hi @whatthecarp


Sorry about the issues on your camera however we no longer provide a lower software version.

You may do follow up with out Support Team to check on your options.