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hero 3 black

I have owned GoPros for a while now.

I have a Hero 3 Silver, a Hero 3 Black, a Hero 4 Session and my most recent purchase is a Hero 7 Black.

I have been very happy with all my cameras and love my 3 Black because I can mount it on any of my 

drones and capture video and HD photos at the same time.

Today I was preparing for a flight and mounted my Hero 3 Black in the gimbal but, for some reason, it 

would not switch on. No matter which button I pressed the only thing it would do was start the WiFi.

I tried several batteries, I tried the batteries in my Hero 3 Silver and they all worked fine. 

Then, after so much battery swapping, even the WiFi would not switch on. The only light was on the 

back. A red one in the top left hand corner and the only way to switch it off is to remove the battery.

Also connecting to a charger produces the same result.

Has anyone come across this before, and can offer any advice, or do I need to get in touch with GoPro

for a repair estimate?                               

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Re: hero 3 black

Hello @noblevista10285. It is odd for the a working camera to suddenly stop working. If you have not done it yet, try re-flashing the camera firmware through steps under "Manual Update" here . Doing the manual update will clear out any possible issue associated with the current installation . Let us know how it goes. 

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Re: hero 3 black

Thanks for your reply.

Already tried that but as it won´t switch on it therefore won´t update.


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Re: hero 3 black


Hi @noblevista10285


Thank you for trying the suggested steps.

Let our Support Team help you move forward with this concern.

They are available by phone or chat.  

Please let them know of the troubleshooting steps taken.





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Re: hero 3 black

Purchased a new motherboard from EBay.

Will let you know what happens when it arrives

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Re: hero 3 black

Have you tried a hard reset? Remove the battery and SD card. Hold down the top shutter button and replace the battery (fully charged). Keep holding down the shutter while you power on the camera using the front Mode/Power button. Once the camera has completed booting up, wait a few sends and then release the top shutter.

You might need to plug the camera into your computer USB slot to get it to respond for the hard reset.

If you do get it to power on and reset, run a manual update.
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Re: hero 3 black


I went through every possible scenario, with GoPro support, and came up empty.

I am taking it to a "GUY" who says he can.

If he fails it´s going in the bin