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thank you i received free door for my hero6 even though it was me who lost it. i've also received my grip and controller and propellers. once again i just want to assure you i was not trying to pull a swifty every email and phone call was genuine and truthfull, it's just a shame there seemed to be some kind of problem in finding the faulty products i'd returned. i just wanted to follow up and thank you and you have my word i will continue to recommend and plug your product in all my future endevours in which they're involved. i guess my only suggesting is (and i could easily be wrong it's an observation), that there was some kind of problems with conveying information between your helplines and business, and the factory you use in storage and sending things whatever they may be. there just seemed to be some kind of blockage there. i will continue to be a valued customer and have only good things to say about your products of which i've been on team gopro since your first camera. i just once again wanted to express my problems with it seemed mainly just with communication and that everything i did was genuine and honest. so thank you for upholding your warranty and i think even stretching your rules as you originally said the karma was human error, though i know this not to be the case, and thank you for trusting me. i've already been posting my videos with the karma and informing anyone questioning my equipment as to their advantages and quality. sincerely, malcolm. i'm posting a link to a video i made for a song i wrote using the grip and camera.

My first film clip that wasn't a see through attempt at showing people things i do i think are cool. An actual attempt at the proper idea and premise of a fi...
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@noblestorm67507, so glad to hear that our Support Team was able to assist you. Stay stoked, and have fun capturing moments using your GoPro!