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gopro photos keeping it wide but loosing the fisheye?

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Hi All,


quik question I have a old vesion of lightroom, and basicailly shoot jpegs not raw, I own a gopro hero 7 black/


is there away to still still shoot wide but loose the fisheye? my lightroom doesnt have gopro 7 lens profile and not really sure how to add it.


I find if I shoot linear I loose out alot of the width. and there is still abit of fisheye.


I recently downloaded Raw tharapee 5.5 i plan to try it out aswell.


sorry abit technical,


any help welcomed.


hope to hear back,




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Re: gopro photos keeping it wide but loosing the fisheye?

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Hi @devries,


We want your camera's wide-angle lens to capture as much of your experience as possible. GoPro footage is known for its crisp image quality, coupled with a slight fisheye effect.


You can shoot in a resolution that allows you to record using Linear FOV or (if your resolution/frame rate combination does not offer Linear) reduce the camera's Field of View (FOV) by zooming (or selecting Medium or Narrow on earlier model cameras). The level of barrel distortion increases as you move from the center of an image to the extremities. Shooting in a narrower FOV is akin to cropping the camera's image without the need to use editing software, cutting out the portions of the image that have the highest levels of distortion all by changing the FOV setting on the camera.


If you want to remove the fisheye effect on the footage without loosing the wide-angle view, you can configure the barrel distortion using 3rd party programs / applications. 


For photos, I personally use Adobe Lightroom CC for mobile and desktop. The Lens Profile Corrections tool has helped me minimize the fisheye effect on my footage. You should be able to find more details about this feature from their website.


You can also refer to THIS list of other programs that you can use to view and edit your videos, and check if they have the lens correction feature.


Hopefully this helps!



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Re: gopro photos keeping it wide but loosing the fisheye?

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hi Ann,


thanks so much for your  reply,


for videos i like wide, and can easily fix fisheye in premier, but i don't mind the fisheye in video,


for photos i want to be able to get rid of it but not shoot linear,as you loose alot,


I was hoping to use a free program like Raw therapee, instead of lightroom as the new lightroom you need to pay monthly,I can understand pros using it, but for someone that just wants to do it for family photos, it doesnt make sense,,


i'll do more research for raw tharapee, and see how i can fix lens,


thanks for your feed back..



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Re: gopro photos keeping it wide but loosing the fisheye?

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I appreciate your input on this as well, @devries. Feel free to post back if you have any further questions.


Stay stoked, and have fun capturing moments using your GoPro!