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Re: gopro hero6 randomly turns on

Good day all.  I have the same problem with my Hero 6 switching on by itself.  I have read through some of the replies and conducted a test and got to the following conclusion.


Deactivation of Bluetooth does prevent the camera from switching on by itself.  With Bluetooth switched off on the phone you can switch the camera on and off again and the camera stays off.  Activate the Bluetooth on your phone while the camera is switched off and the camera switches on automatically.


By switching the phone Bluetooth off is treating the symptom, not the cause.  Is there a permanent solution for this issue?  If so, please do share.



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Re: gopro hero6 randomly turns on


Hi @razzworks


Thank you for sharing the information. I experienced the same with my HERO6 Black where it turns on automatically.

Here's what I did: after doing the manual software update, I reset the camera to its factory settings.

I have noticed that this corrected the issue.


Kindly give these steps a try. Let us know how it goes.