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gopro hero session 4 wont turn on

help 1 week ago my gopro hero cant record and get notif " no sd card",and now while i charge my gopro only blue light and no battery charging on screen

i try manually update the firmware but it not working,because the screen won't turn on when i turn on my gopro but only blue light indicator

hope u can help me guys


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Re: gopro hero session 4 wont turn on

Sorry to hear about the power issue of your HERO4 Session camera, @grandsand21803. If your camera is not powering on, there could be a fault with the camera, charging method, SD card, or there could be a loose connection somewhere.


I do have some troubleshooting steps that might help.

  1. Disconnect from any external power sources (i.e., not plugged into anything) and remove the SD card. 
  2. Press the Info/Wireless Button on the back of the camera to see if any information is displayed on the camera’s Status Screen. 
  3. If there is nothing displayed on the Status Screen, attempt to reset camera by holding the top SHUTTER button down for 8-10 seconds. 
    • ​​If successful, the camera will beep 3 times and advise you that the unit has no SD card and power off. Normal operation should ensue after reset. 
  4. If still unable to get any response from camera, connect to a 5V 1A wall charger (ideally), or computer USB port; look for red LED illumination to indicate charging. NOTE: We do not recommend using a USB hub to charge the camera. 
  5. If/when red LED's illuminate, allow the camera to remain charging for a few minutes. 
  6. Disconnect the camera from charging source and attempt to turn camera on by pressing the top Shutter button (camera should read “NO SD CARD”). 
  7. If able to prompt NO SD message, allow camera to turn back off, insert SD card, and attempt to record a sample video by pressing the red Shutter button.

If the problem persists, please let our Support team know so they can help you with the next steps. You may reach them by phone or chat. Ensure to have your camera and proof of purchase ready for any information that they may need.


Hopefully this helps!