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gopro hero 8 malfunction

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I recently got my FORTH replacement camera gopro hero 8 that I purchased on the official website, in all THREE occasion the camera has malfunction on charging and being in less than three feet of salt water for less than 30 minutes. On the second occasion I was still on time to get the money back guarantee BUT THE COSTUMER SERVICE IS SO INEFFICIENT that by the time I spoke to another representative in customer service about the guarantee and RAM number I was supposed to get on email that week and didn't I was ONE DAY to late to get my money back. I HAVE HAD TO PAY SHIPPING EXPENSES to get back a FAULTY CAMERA that simply DOES NOT WORK UNDERWATER! I NO LONGER TRUST THIS PRODUCT NOR RECOMMEND OR WANT EVER AGAIN. I wasted my money and TIME waiting to get a supposedly checked to make sure it meets the standards ( especially the working under water one) to be once again DISAPPOINTED and MAD by the whole experience. IF ANYTHING please make sure that a case is assigned to one specific person so that the customer doesn't have to re explain/ re send evidence/ wait again to get verification email to yet another customer service person in hopes that this time all the proper email, send back information is received and that the camera actually works. Which by now im sure its the original faulty camera that's supposedly fixed but its not.

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Re: gopro hero 8 malfunction

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30 day return, as long as you contacted then for a return by the 30th day, you can get a Refund,  if you trashed the camera, soaked it, refund is OFF