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gopro hero 6 visual quality bad

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my GoPro hero 6 suffered a 300ft fall when my karma drone fell out the sky (not my fault) and I didn't notice any damage to the camera, but when looking over footage that I have recently recorded, all the videos look grainy, they all look like they are watercolored! I think I still have a warranty on the camera, but was hoping that there was a fix, just installed the new update but it is still bad, I'm only going to show some photos in this thread for the videos are private but can record some for insight if needed. 

I know this was an issue, but this just happened, the quality used to be fine before, could it be a dodgy system?? i need the camera in 2 weeks and don't know what to do!

I also noticed that the camera doesn't autofocus on objects that get put near it, is that normal??



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Re: gopro hero 6 visual quality bad

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The reason your camera doesn't autofocus on objects brought close to the lense is because all GoPro's use a fixed focus lens.  So there is no focusing of the image.


You are shooting indoors in soft light, so your ISO settings are making your image grainy.  Take some video outdoors in daylight and compare them to the indoor shots.  Are both sets still grainy or just the indoor ones?


You may want to try adjusting your protune settings or turning off protune and shooting in full auto mode.