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gopro android app to backup and restore video from external hard disk

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Hi everybody

After recording video with Gopro Max, now I need to select giga of files (deleting video I don't like).


I've red all posts into this forum, confirming issues to view (in order to select) 360 video files into Windows PC.

Waiting for official updates, now I'm managing to do this  viewing them via Go pro APP running into Samsung Note 8.


That's ok. I can do it. But due to smartphone memory limit , after selecting videos, I need to migrate them into external Hard disk to free smartphone memory and start again (downloading new videos from Gopro Max, at the moment waiting into microSD GOPRO MAX card).


Pay attention: I don't want:

1) ### just to save micro sd GO PRO into external hard disk,
because it contains also bad video files (erased into Smartphone during selection).


2) ### to backup into Goprocloud,

because online it's hard selecting videos, forcing to keep online giga of bad video files (missing a lot of time spent to delete bad video files into Gopro Android APP)


Eventually, I've found internal android folder where GOPRO APP save videos and photos.




Inside "gopro" subfolder, for each .360 video and jpg files there is a configuration file (idem for pictures).


So I'm wondering if saving files and subfolders (from that smartphone folder to an external hard disk) I can free memory keeping opportunity to upload back , in the future, videos from external hard disk to smartphone APP (in order to repeat video editing operations via GO PRO Android APP).


Saving only one kind of file (example: ".360" video files with his associated config file ) I can't upload back.


Infact I've tryed to save out a .360 files with his associated config file (deleting both from GOPRO smartphone folder), but uploading back in a seconde time, I didn't managed to view again into GOPRO Android APP


(I've already tried deleting GOPRO APP cache into smartphone).


In other words, I suppose there is some related important files I have to save too (esamples: database file, main configuration file, ........)

Thanks in advance