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gopro MAX very dissapointing

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Received the gopro MAX today, was very excited about it but not for long.

Using the camera is very easy, but with this everything good is said about it.

When uploading and editing the footage, everything goes bad.

Before I go into detail, I have a 1 year old Acer Aspire 7 with high end specs running windows 10 and have a new samung galaxy S10.


Using the phone:

- Connecting with the camera is perfect, veiwing the footage is nice and you can swipe or rotate the phone to change view angle.

- But, if I would like to edit using the keyframes, it will not render the video after, everytime error.

So no editing footage using the phone.


Using the PC:

- Connecting with PC only works with an older gopro cable, not with the included one.

- Viewing images directy from the camera using the explorer is not possible, not even with gopro VR

- Usig gopro MAX exporter is very basic, it is just to export your video with changing the view.

- there are 3 types of files:

* HVEc: crops the file size and the result of image quality is bad

* H.264: crops the file size even more and the result of image quality is realy bad

* cineform: makes the file size 8 times bigger, but the quality is fine but not "woow".

- the problem with cineform is that you cannot play it with any viewer, only the gopro VR viewer can play this file, you can swipe your image to change view angle.

- Then you have your exported file, but you cannot edit it because gopro player is not available for windows 10. I use grassvaley edius so I cannot test the adobe premiere FX reframe.


So conclusion, I just bought an expensive camera which cannot be used due to the fact that all the gopro software is not working properly or is not available for android or windows devices.


Will contact support and will send this camera back.


Very dissapointed.

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Re: gopro MAX very dissapointing

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dont give up yet.

Depends on what you want, there some solutions for it.

Yes, the android software is pure sh** ,reframing video is actualy easy , simply download insta360studio !

with latest firmware, i noticed it eats the max videos (wel, after processing)

as for the importer, n00b tip xD

copy all content by hand to your machine, never let the exporter handle it ,if it crashes, u need to do the painfull job again.

2 drives is imho a requirement (faster)


as for photo's ,taken under a angle,, i use hugin for horizon level corecting it, so that it is usable again.

nother tip, if your not using the quickshot button.

disable it in the camera, its a battery drainer i noticed.