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gopro 8 battery - do you all get Amperex?

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hi all,


who made your batteries?


I do have the original battery that came with the camera.

and I bought two more because when I sold h6-h7 the buyers "appreciate" the extra battery.


I had one-two years ago Amperex battery, the one that came with h6 or h7 I do not remember exactly.

And were some issues with that.


I had no issues and I got peak steady performances from all Samsung battery I used.  


freshly (to the green) charged battery with the old dual charger inserted in camera shows 97%. The other 87%. and the third is not charged to check it.


I mixed them so I do not know which is which.


I just hope will settle down after a couple of charge/discharge and I just hope we will not start another Amperex battery saga.


don't get me wrong. I have nothing against Amperex is a solid manufacturer. but when gopro batteries maybe something is not 100% perfect.


amperex vs samsung h5-h7:







all h8 are Amperex:






thank you,









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Re: gopro 8 battery - do you all get Amperex?

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hi all,


I've retested. It's fine, false alarm.

could have been the fact that I received the batteries two days ago, and need few charge/discharge...


1. I used today all, on rotation, at least 30min each.

2. charge them all.

3. the battery that showed in the morning as well 100% was inside the camera for three hours (voice command on, wifi on, etc.) 97%

4. the two batteries that charged to the green in the meantime, are 100% when introduced in the camera.


all good, the question about the manufacturer of your battery remains.


have a nice weekend,




the battery that was in camera for 3h




the other two charged to the green:




first fully charged in the camera:





second fully charged in the camera: