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gopro 7black water leak and damage

good morning , I making vlogs and my gopro was usefull for me , it was importent investicion in this point, but infortunateli one of the vloging prosess it stop working, I was shooting triathlon vlog and water segment just make it dead. pool deepest point is 2.2 and I even swem 1-1.5 so my hopes was based gopros features that it possiable dive max 10 meter.   


my country don,t have service centre to fix my device I need help to have my gopro back.


every contitions was saved by me : locked doors + double chask.



pleas be thoughtful I want to make good things and need valuable support.


thank you



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Re: gopro 7black water leak and damage

If we buy products and there is no service centers for you, then I would have bought a camera that has one?  Go tp and contac them  before you give up they will call you and work with you, but you DUNKEd the camera and that is not covered when one incorrrectly  does it and blames the gopro for LEAKING.  I suggest  to do a vlog on how you dunked it and show how the water did get in if it is defective. and post to gopro.

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Re: gopro 7black water leak and damage

Sorry to know what happened @gipsigio,


Please try to get in touch with GoPro Cutomer Support team.