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gopro 7 black moving long videos lag / stuttering, static videos don't

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Dear Support,


i did several attempt wasting lot of time,


everytime I try to record a long dynamic video the gopro footage became unusable, I explain better:


gopro 7 black (1.90) with protune settings: 4k superview, 24 fps, hypersmooth on, wb auto, iso fixed to 100 max or sometimes 400, flat color, medium sharpness, stereo mic, raw audio gps on


memory card san disk extreme pro 32 gb (faster than your recommended), original battery


knowing I'm gonna to do a long session I try to make different videos of maximun 5-10 minutes.


It happenend to during:

 - pov driving: head mount

 - road cycling: chest mount


but it didn't happen when I put the camera on a tripod and making static videos of 7 minutes...


I made a short edit for example of my last attempt, lags happened at 0.11 0.55 and 1.14


video is not listed, only through this link is possibile to find it



when it generates the corruted video it doesn't record neither the gps file nor the separate audio.


Please let me know if I do some mistake or the camera is faulty.

thank you in advance





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Re: gopro 7 black moving long videos lag / stuttering, static videos don't

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Hi @filippstro

How was the last update done?

Do you observe the same with other resolutions?

Can you please try if turning the Low Light option off?

Do a test recording and see if it makes a difference.