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gopro 5 streaming

i want streaming to my pc(gopro hero 5 blac, windows)


please tell me the way of streaming to PC.


anybody knows?

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Re: gopro 5 streaming

No it is more a secret, so maybe the admins can look into this.

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Re: gopro 5 streaming

@hpark - There are third party tools and techniques that some have used to be able to use GoPro cameras as webcams to stream. Those may work for you, but we don't support those options directly.


One option we do support is the ability for some of our newer cameras to be able to stream via Periscope.



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Re: gopro 5 streaming

 I am having a lot of difficulty using our new GoPro Hero 5 Black with Periscope. Could you please point me to some troubleshooting for it?

The main problem is that as soon I try to Periscope with the GoPro connected through WiFi and Blutooth, the broadcast/Periscope crashes. All devices/apps have been updated.

Any assistance would be appreciated - this is the primary reason for the purchase of the GoPro..

many thanks


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Re: gopro 5 streaming

[ Edited ]

your cam is tp par  updated


your phone capture app updated


your phone periscope updated


 and it crashes


Gopro can not help out, you need to go to facebook Periscope and periscope Help. and reply to them .  


contact   at
 the at is that  Shift 2 so the dam site html refusal Lol


that is the email address, gopro has not a single thingto do with Periscope at all. the crash is more  an issuewith broadcasting and its failing to work I had that issue and a simple reboot the phone and waiting for new periscope add ons. took sinceoctober to work, due t  taking out hte addon


so make sure you tell us the phone you're using.  I use an IOS Iphone 6