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go pro hero 9 using as web cam with out battery

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Hi there,


I have been using my go pro hero 9 as a web cam when i do live streaming on youtube or other app. Sincde hero 9 itself does not have HDMI input, I use madia modular and it connects with HDMI cable and type-C usb cable.  When I connect HDMI cable, a front display of go pro 9 shows the grafic that HDMI cable is connected but nothing shows up on streaming app as if go pro is not connected.  Or it shows go pro 9 'S startup screen but never move from there. Besides, I can not charge a battery of hero 9 if I do it through media modular. I can charge battery just fine if i do not use media modular and connect usb cable direct to go pro itself. But I want to charge the battery and use go pro as a web cam at the same time. In the perfect situation, it is the best not to use battery and use usb cable as a electric source instead while I am streaming because a single battery can not hold the camera long enough when I do live streaming for a couple of hours.  My go pro hero 8 and its media modular work just fine without battery. It can stand forever with usb cable as an electric source and I can use it as web cam at the same time.  I was expecting hero 9 to work just the same but it does not.   Is it the problem of media modular?  Do I have to replace it?  Or this is nomal?


Please let me know. 



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Re: go pro hero 9 using as web cam with out battery

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Hi @grayjump40585


I have tested the same setup (camera without the battery+ Media Mod) and the webcam app worked.

It was able to detect the camera and show the preview.

What version is your camera on?

Have you tried using another cable/port?