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go pro 6 scuba diving - auto low light on or off?

Hello all,


I've just upgraded from a Hero 4 Silver to a Hero 6 black - I use the camera for scuba diving, mostly in tropical waters, with natural light, a UR PRO Cyan filter, between 0 and 35 meters.


On the Hero 4 I was shooting with the following settings:


Pro Tune on, colors flat, WB native (edited in post), EV -0.5 (shooting up a lot) , ISO max 400 or sometimes 800 if really low light, 1080p 30 fps (for more light) and LOW LIGHT OFF.

This is the kind of material i was getting with the Hero 4, after editing in post:


Now with the Hero 6, I'll be going for the same but with 1080 60 fps - but I'm not quite sure if I should use the auto low light setting or not in this case -

What's your feedback on using the Hero 6 for diving?





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Re: go pro 6 scuba diving - auto low light on or off?

as a follow-up, any tips on UW for the Hero 6 would be greatly appreciated.


I'm looking for the most light (since I'm using natural lighting) and clarity (my Hero 4 footage was often a bit blurry) - I was shooting in 30 fps to preserve light while keeping the ISO low for image quality, but couldn't do slow-motion on things like tunas hunting fish for instance, and 1080 means that zooming in like I did on the cuttlefish in the first vid means a big drop in quality.


i hope the Hero 6 will help me push the boundaries a little - I'd love to shoot in 60 fps while keeping maximum light and clarity in the footage


Would you recommend stepping up to 2.7 K (so I can zoom in) or is this not really an option in natural light?


Thanks again for your help




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Re: go pro 6 scuba diving - auto low light on or off?

[ Edited ]

Hi Ben,

did you get any responses to your post? I'm finding that auto light causes the GP6 to pump levels up and down quite a lot. Anoyingly so.....

I dive in the NW Puget Sound waters where it's dark and we use lights underwater most of the time. I'm a bit dissapointed with the dynamic range between a 3000lumen torch and the natural surroundings. I've been keeping the ISO limted to 1600 to keep the noise down but tomorrow evening I'm going to try at max 3200 ISO and see how things go with natural light. IN your situation where your'e shooting up, you probably will need the auto light level since there is such a huge step from dark to light.

I use the Flip Filters and change the filters out when going to warm blue waters like Florida, Mexico, Bonaire. Oh, I miss Bonaire......

This video was shot on a GoPro4


I also mountain bike quite a bit and just last weekend I took the 6 out for a spin. Same thing, auto level when going in and out of shade is really anoying. It's almost as if it needs to be slowed down just a bit.

I'm also dissapointed with the auto white. It's touted as being so good you don't need a color filter underwater and you can leave it on auto. I got really bad results that way so went back to green water filter and pro-tune.  The color shifts constantly in darker waters. I'm going to the Channel Islands this August so I'll try it without filter in blue waters then.

I'll keep an eye on this in case someone chimes in.

Best regards,



I've found this site to be a big help for underwater techniques: is a great site. I tend to buy locally but these guys have some great tips

On the 2nd link scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll find a whole list of tips & techniques for GoPro


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