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Re: fusion studio

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Thank you again. 

As best as i can tell, we (me and GoPro tech support) have ensured that this NVIDIA card is the only one running.


IDK for certain what specs i have on this NVIDIA graphics card, but here's what i can see. I'm out of my depth here, but am confident that GoPro product SHOULD work w/o me having to be so technically proficient. I've updated my driver from the NVIDIA website. 


Thanks for reviewing and any insight you might be able to offer. 


clock 1245 MHz

memory data rate 7 Gbps

128 bit memory interface

112.03 GB/s memory bandwidth

Total memory bandwidth 12198 MB

dedicated vid mem 4096 MB GDDR 5

system vid memory zero

shared system mem 8102 MB

Vid BIOS ver 90.17.2D.00.0F

IRQ: not used

Bus: PCI Express 4X Gen3

Device ID 10DE 1F91 10011A58