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Re: fusion studio not importing footage because of no .THM file

Hello @bsrreed. A 218 error indicates that the files are incoherent which leads to them failing to be imported. Try manually updating the firmware of your Fusion camera and try importing again. The THM files are needed for the Fusion files to be imported to Fusion Studio. Could the other files without corresponding THM files be chapters of a long recording?


Chaptering is automatically done in the camera when a recording reaches a certain file size. A single, long recording segmented into different files (chapters) will have only one THM file and will import as one file to Fusion Studio. We recommend manually importing the files to Fusion Studio following instructions here


Feel free to post back for any other questions or concerns. 

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Re: fusion studio not importing footage because of no .THM file

If you're trying to record a long single file (55 minutes for instance) you will only get one thumbnail file generated.  If you were to record 20 x 3 minute clips, then you would get 20 thumbnail files.  You only get 1 thumbnail file per finished clip.  When you see multiple files in your gopro folder, that's simply the file system segmenting the clips due to the maximum file size that can be handled.  So one 55 minute clip may have several files, but it will still only have 1 thumbnail.


I suspect the reason you're only managing to import 39 minutes of video is due to the fact there's some file corruption somewhere.  I would honestly recommend that if you're starting afresh, you don't just use the GoPro app to delete files off the Camera, you put them in the PC to make sure all files are removed.  I find that the GoPro app usually leaves behind .wav files from previous sessions.