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fusion battery drains overnight

My Fusion is brand new, came with FW 1.80 so doesn't need an update, and it's charging ok but draining in less than 12 hours. All the way to 0, Camera won't power on unless it's plugged into a charger. Says "Empty Battery"


I'm a former GoPro engineer, Sr. Product Quality, 2012-late 2016, and worked on this camera when it was in development. 


I've tried turning off the "connect" app, turning off wifi and voice and it still discharges. If I can't charge the camera at night and use it in the morning, I can't use the camera. Any Ideas? 


I'm gonna try again this afternoon to charge it and may "reset" the camera, and battery, and SD cards, just to make sure. 

I'd hate to have to return this one. 







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Re: fusion battery drains overnight

Have this issue myself sometimes, I have 2 GoPro Fusions and each with it's original battery and each with a spare.  I've sometimes noticed that 1 of my batteries, won't charge to 100% when in the (GoPro) dual battery charger.  Even overnight the light stays orange instead of turning green.  Sometimes when in the camera and I power off, the display will turn off, but the camera will still feel warm and the battery will slowly drain.  I've resolved this one by charging the battery, then removing the battery for a few seconds before re-inserting it.  That stops the battery drain issue.  I'm currently running the beta firmware 2.0 and for some reason the battery issue seems to happen less when running firmware 1.8 (the downside being that the GoPro app doesn't seem to support the 5.6K resolution).


So honestly, my two pieces of advice, 1:  Remove and reinsert the battery after charging, seems to stop the discharge issue.  2:  Carry around a spare pair of fully charged batteries.


I've attached a pic of two of my batteries, the top battery with the yellow arrow is my "problem" battery, The only difference I can see is the manufacture date.  I know that the smart charger is supposed to detect which battery has more of a charge and then prioritize the charging of said battery, but I'm wondering if there's a communication error between the battery and charger + the battery and GoPro.  



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Re: fusion battery drains overnight

Thanks, looks like I may need to do that. My camera is doing just what yours is doing - I finally got it to 100% charge but the red light didn't turn off - so I disconnected USB C and turned off the camera manually by restarting and then shutting down. 

I went out to get some groceries and came back 90 minutes later - battery level was at 90% already. I went to 2.0 FW, same difference, now going back to 1.80 FW. Battery Date code is from Sept '18 so not an ancient battery. We had similar issues bringing up the Hero5 Session camera, thought this might be one of those "connect doesn't ever really shut off" kind of things and it may be so. I may acquire an extra battery of more recent vintage. Will update if this continues. 

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Re: fusion battery drains overnight

Hi @clout9


Regarding the drain, other users suggest that after charging your camera fully, remove then reinsert the battery.




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Re: fusion battery drains overnight

Indeed, thanks. 


I am trying this. After I re-insert the battery, I have to hold the power button for 10 seconds in order to get the camera to power on so I can check the battery level. Then I power the camera off. We'll see if it drains or if I have to pull the battery every single time I get it charged and I can't re-insert the battery until I'm ready to use the camera. If that is the case, it's not a good customer experience. As a former GoPro Sr. Product Quality Engineer, I can tell you this is the kind of stuff we sweat over. Fusion's been out over 1 year now, these kinds of issues should be resolved and closed. 

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Re: fusion battery drains overnight

Update: Nothing I tried would make this issue go away, so I went back to best buy with the camera and exchanged it - the new camera does not have this issue. It held a battery with 98% charge overnight and lost no measurable charge. The camera works as expected and I'm taking great shots with it already. Surprisingly, FWIW, the battery in the new camera is dated April of 2019 so the camera is really brand new. I hated to have to exchange it but - Best Buy also dropped the price to $249 so I got a $50 credit when I exchanged cameras, solving the problem and saving me some cash. Score! Thanks.