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files/videos off phone


does anyone know how to get the files/videos off an Andriod phone, and onto a computer.

the camera auto uploads them to my phone, but phone is now full and i don't want to delete them.

i have tried to save them to phone, but it's showing as complete but they are not in the medioa folder on my phone.


i've also tried plugging USB lead into phone and searching in phoen to finbd the files, but i can't see them anywhere !


anyone offer any help or a soultion ?


cheers folks 

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Re: files/videos off phone

When you download the files from your camera to your phone via the app, it saves them directly to the GoPro app.  You need to open the GoPro app, select the file and use the "share" button.  This will give you the option to save the file to your phones gallery (usually in a folder called GoPro exports).  I have found though that this doesn't delete the file from the GoPro app and it still takes up room.


I would suggest you plug your phone into your PC via the USB cable.  Open the search dialogue box and do a search for "*.*" (without the quotes of course).  This will find all the files on your phone.  Then sort by size.  That will make it easy to see all the large files taking up space on your phone.  The GoPro video files will be easy enough to see also.  If you just wish to see the video files, you can also do a search on your phone for "*.mp4"