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external emi interference

Good afternoon


I have fitted two Hero 4 session cameras to my aircraft. This morning I started both cameras before take-off - manual switch on with wi-fi turned off - 1080 - 50 - W. At the runway threshold I confirmed that both cameras were recording and had been doing so for 24 minutes. After take-off the test equipment onboard was switched on (Transmitting on 2.3 MHz at 1 W output). When we landed and wanted to review the video footage, both cameras were found to have been reset in flight and there was nothing saved on the SD Card (SanDisk Extrem 64 Gb)


Is it possible for the 1 W transmittion from the test equipment modem could be causing EMI that resets the camera? If so is there a setting that I can change to alleviate or eliminate this reset


Thanking you

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Re: external emi interference

@skuamike - Not sure, but hopefully someone else has some experience here they can share. I do know that others have been able to attach the cameras to planes before without issues.


Is it possible to test by turning on the test equipment while still on the ground and with the cameras in your hands just to try and isolate if that's the issue?



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Re: external emi interference

I'm a little confused.  If the cameras were recording prior to the equipment being switched on, even if the cameras were "reset", why would this delete footage off of the SD cards?