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example of shutter effect on stabilization in low light and an example of handlebar in the night

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hi all,


I made some tests that show the benefits of shutter speed increase on hypersmooth boost.


  • GoPro is not meant for stabilization in low light. period.
  • in low light ISO is pushed at maximum, shutter is 1/fps to compensate the lack of light.
  • at 1/25 shutter the image itself is jelly, because of the move.
  • this jelly frame is unusable by the stabilization algorithm.
  • remember the lens has a f-stop f/2.8, not very good in low light.
  • as well the sensor is a fingernail surface wide.  
  • by no means, you can compare these gears with a DSLR or mirrorless full-frame sensor (as big as our touch screen monitor) with ISO to 26500 with big pixels and using a lens f/1.4 that capture 4 times more light than f/2.8 

but we can enhance his performances in low light, even obtain a decent stabilization, without jelly/jumping image. 


my tests are here:

4K 25fps



ISO =800 (1600 for 1/100)

hypersmooth = boost (off for reference)


shutter auto in low lights means in this case 1/25sec

at 1/50 we have already improvements.

with shutter 1/100 even in low light the stabilization works well.

at 1/100 the frame image is stable, no jelly, therefore the stabilization algorithm ca use it.


I want to share with you parts of the last evening commute, handlebar-mounted, 4K 25fps Superview, hypersmooth can be only on, shutter 1/50, ISO Max = 800.... (I wish I left ISO 1600 to have a brighter image...)


thank you,



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Re: example of shutter effect on stabilization in low light and an example of handlebar in the night

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...another approach is to use in low light exposure control.
in this case shutter cannot be set.

in my case the exposure area was in front of the bike, lower than the middle and a little bit on the right.

it is better than shutter locked at 1/50 as previous evening.

just wanted to share with you,