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distortion at bottom of video

Just got the Hero Session so I'm very new to it but have noticed a slight distortion along the bottom of videos. This would be shooting at whaterver the default settings right out of the box would be, I have made no changes to settings. Any help would be appreciated :)

If this is a problem with the GoPro I'd like to address it quickly.




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Re: distortion at bottom of video

I have the same problem on my session 5 (also a newbie - only bought yesterday). Only when cycling though.
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Re: distortion at bottom of video

I might have found something helpful, so far it looks like the distortion only shows up in the "quik" GoPro software when looking at the videos. If you view the same video through another program it does not show up. Could be the software or the computer it's running on but at this point I think the GoPro itself may be fine. Let me know if this helps you.....