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data issue gopro 7 blCK

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Hi, i use the gopro 7 black edition to record all my skydiving jumps. I bought black edition in order to check data as speed, altitude, etc.

The telemetry is not working well and i would like to know if im doing something wrong or perhaps the camera doesnt works as it should do.

when i jump out of the plane, the speed and altitude become freeze, and some data are not right, like altitude for example. Do you know how can i solve this in order to get more realistic data from the jump?


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Re: data issue gopro 7 blCK

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Hi Alex, we created this FAQ thread to address this kind of questions. I hope it helps:

On other skydiving footage I've seen, the GPS signal is really bad inside the plane, so the data is unusable until at least several seconds after the jump. Depending on your video editing workflow, you might be able to use this tool to extract the data to other formats and use it with more freedom