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Re: catch me up on the Hero 6 Black problems

@fishycomics wrote:

tells ytou got a perfect cam when ingoring an issue. and when returningoggers  to gopro  of its  issues.  Yeah we  all do not keep up to par, why  when November rolls around a fix may or may nor be  corrected when all models on the market are old   gopro has to release notes in pkgs, that never will happen



So far, since Sept 29th with daily use, I've encountered split screen once.  I thought I might have battery drain with Karma Grip but after testing it turns out I might have just been mistaken as the camera and Grip both retain battery levels.  Grain issues are reduced/fixed with the proper settings.  Camera has never overheated.  I did have one day where video did not record audio and I was getting freezing when filming in 4K/60 and 1080/240.  I switched out the SD card and the issues went away.


I look forward to the update in November, but so far I am VERY happy with this camera.  It far exceeds the performance I was getting with my other GoPro cameras.

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Re: catch me up on the Hero 6 Black problems

Oh, and I surf with my Hero6. no issues with water/fogging under lens.
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Re: catch me up on the Hero 6 Black problems

Happy you got a trouble free cam @danielr15


For I  am like said in other posts  waiting and I got a negotiation going on    with gopro   


As for the Downgrade you can revert software only to an earlier version if had.  you can never go back to fatory, only way is to  call up gopro and get a replacement. or return to the store if an exchange is  still  within your  period. of return or warranty.


I shall wait for gopro  camera's on the market to be with  the latest and not factory firmware and that will be in time.