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cant import hero 2018 files

i am using windows 10. windows recognizes that there is a device plugged in but will not let me import anything. I have scoured the forums for a soloution and cannot find one. was working fine yesterday. the gopro desktop app does not even display that any camera has been plugged in.

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Re: cant import hero 2018 files

Hi @lucasw10


Is this through Quik for Desktop?

Are you getting "No files to import" error?

Try to open Device Manager> Find GoPro> Select "Disable" then "Enable".


For reference you can also check How to Import Camera Files to a Computer - Windows 10


Let us know how it goes.
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Re: cant import hero 2018 files

i just plugged it in again and it started turning on and off like crazy even though the battery was fully charged. i have been at the beach for the last couple of days and it might just be water damage. at the time of writing i cannot get the thing to stay connected long enough.

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Re: cant import hero 2018 files

@lucasw10, is there any sign of water leakage in the camera? You may check the battery and SD card compartment, USB port and front LCD screen of the camera.

If none and the issue with the import persists, you may try using a different USB-C cable and USB port on your computer.

Also, see if importing directly from the SD card using an SD card reader/adapter will work. This will help further isolate the problem.