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camera to hot and switchs off



I was using my Session camera and it stopped working saying it was too hot. I left it overnight and when I tried again it was dead, so i thought to charge the battery. If it is plugged in to charge the video will work however when not plugged in it won't work at all.


Any suggestions?





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Re: camera to hot and switchs off

If the camera is under a year old, contact the GoPro Support Team and you should be able to get a replacement if their suggestions don't resolve your issue.

If it is beyond one year, you can try these steps.

1) Plug the camera into your computer
2) If you get the red charge light, Press and hold the top shutter for ~20 seconds
3) If the camera turns on but doesn't reset, power it off and then turn the camera on using the rear mode/power button, and then hold down the top shutter to reset the camera

If the above didn't restore the camera to normal usage:
1) Format your SD card in your computer
BTW: What SD card are you using and have you tried a different one?
2) Download the manual update to your computer and extract the UPDATE folder
3) Copy the UPDATE folder (Not to the SD card
4) Eject the card and put it in the camera
5) Try turning the camera on using the rear mode/power button
6)If the camera wont turn on, remove the SD card, plug the camera into the computer and then insert the card
7) Turn the camera on and allow it to run the update

If the above still hasn't resolved the issue:
Try placing camera in the freezer for two hours.
Take the SD card out and make sure the media door is securely shut
Roll the camera in a paper towel and place in a sealed bag
Leave the camera in the freezer for about two hours
Remove and repeat the above steps. (*The cold from the freezer might completely drain your camera battery so you may need to charge it)
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Re: camera to hot and switchs off

Good info but 5 minutes in the freezer is ideal not 2 hours also if you do leave it in for two hours Be prepared to not have a working camera until it thaws.


this is what I do since you just said if you plug it on it records.


I hold the back mode and the nthe shutter for the good 10-15 second count a long press that will force off and boot the camera correctly.


I pull the sdxc card.  more or less hard failed.  if all else fails...

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Re: camera to hot and switchs off

You can try different times in cold temperature, but five minutes will not be enough.  If the issue is due to
fatigue stress of the soldering joints from repetitive or excessive thermal cycling then there could be crack propagation within the joint.   The idea behind freezing the camera is to compress those solder joints.  It's worth trying, but only as a last resort.  I have successfully recovered two GoPro cameras (Hero2 and Hero3 Silver) by this method, but some have reported no effect.

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Re: camera to hot and switchs off

Thanks for the advice, will try tonight and see if it works.