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**bleep** your **bleep** GoPro

Just purchased 2 new Hero 7's


Going straight back to the store tomorrow


So many pain points to even get the little piece of **bleep** to operate. HAVE to download the app to use? HAVE to update before I can use? What's wrong with the previous firmware? Shouldnt have shipped if the previous firmware wouldnt operate. At least give me the option to update later.


No removable battery? Why the **bleep** do I need to buy the black for that, are you kidding me?


No FOV options? This should be basic, not a **bleep**ing feature that I need the black to do. I understanding saving higher frame rates and better codecs/data rates for the black. But the **bleep**ing FOV is limited?!?!


As an industry professional. Gopro has turned into a joke on the consumer, last gopro I will ever purchase and return.


**bleep** your user hostile bull**bleep**.

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Re: **bleep** your **bleep** GoPro

I cant even control shutter speed or white balance settings?


Oh my god gopro, seriously, f*ck your **bleep** SO HARD


This should not be a "feature" I have to pay for. 


What a piece of **bleep** device.

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Re: **bleep** your **bleep** GoPro

OMG, what a frustrated person are you?

Have two hero 7 camera's and they work fine.

It's normal if you buy the cheapest version that it has it's limitations.

I always buy the black versions and you can control them without the app and you can adapt the settings as much as you like.

And do not forget, it's an action camera!


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Re: **bleep** your **bleep** GoPro

You don't understand. Gopro should not be limiting functions such as being able to control aperture, shutter speed, and iso. These are basic functions that are necessary for proper camera function but by not allowing manual setting of these, it ensures for gopro that silver results will never be as good as black results, even though the sensors are the same.


These functions are not hardware limitations, they are purely user hostile limitations. I will pay more for resolution, frame rate, data rates, and special functions. But having to pay more to get access to BASIC CAMERA OPERATIONAL functions is bullsh*t. 

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Re: **bleep** your **bleep** GoPro


Hi @aja6,


I understand your frustration. 

But just want to let you know that HERO7 Silver and White not designed for Advanced Users. 


It is made for beginners or those who just want to use their camera without changing any settings. 


If you want to control other settings such as shutter speed and ISO it's only available in Black model.


Also GoPro cameras are considered point and shoot and has fixed aperture. 




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Re: **bleep** your **bleep** GoPro

you don't NEED to have the app to use, & perhaps research what functions the model has before you part with your pennies


return those 2 cheap ones & get 1 Black, a lot better camera

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Re: **bleep** your **bleep** GoPro

Oh okay, I admit I didnt do enough resaerch about not needing the app to use the camera. I jumped to conclusions on that one I suppose.


But yeah, everything else is messed up... it's just a sleezy thing to do. :/