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black screen go pro hero 7 black.

Hi! my hero 7 black suddenly flickered, then had continuous screen freeze then it became okay. I left it for about an hour. When I was about to use it, turned it on then only a black screen appeared with the options available, just no picture or display. Options and preferences are available its just that there is no display. just black. And when i try to turn it off, it hangs. When I try to change modes using the mode button, it slides but it hangs for a couple of minutes. I've tried updating it manually but still, nothing works, the update 1/2 hangs midway then justs turns off. I've just bought it a 2 weeks ago, and I wasnt able to use it last week during my vacation. Hopefully you guys could help me, its really frustrating especially that I just bought it. Thanks in advance. 

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Re: black screen go pro hero 7 black.

could be hardware if screen is lost. sensor.  try contacting a gopro provider or rep and go from there you tried to reflash and that will  not fix hardware.

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Re: black screen go pro hero 7 black.

Sorry to hear about the trouble with the rear screen on your camera, @iclay. Do you notice any change on the screen when you take out the SD card and put it back? If this does not do any difference, and you have already performed a manual update according to the steps here , the next steps would be to engage our Support team. This way, they will be able to walk you through the next steps. You may reach them by phone or chat through