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bad low light results

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hey (:

I just got my new hero 8 black and tested it. indoor and kind of low light.

I noticed that the photos are of poor quality... I took the same photo with my Samsung note 8 and the difference is enormous.

I'm new to GoPro and new to photography in general, but from what I read and saw before purchasing the GoPro I was absolutely certain that the GoPro will perform much better than the Samsung note 8.. even though they both 12MP.

although this is disappointing anyways, I didn't test it in daylight yet.

just want to make sure this is normal for this camera and that I didn't get a bad one somehow.

the first photo attached was taken by the GoPro, narrow lense, superphoto, auto white balance, and high sharpness:


the second (and way better) photo was taken in the same lighting, no flash, one minute apart, with my Samsung note 8:


maybe I'm doing something wrong?

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Re: bad low light results

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Hi @yuvalpeleg,


GoPro camera isn't really designed for indoor photo. 

However you can try this. 


Turn on Protune mode and then set your min ISO to 100 and Max to 400 or 800 

EV +1 or 2