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audio processing and settings(RAW audio) explain

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Can anybody explain these settings in Protune- RAW Audio:? Do these settings affect also affect audio track in mp4 file OR just wav file?

  • Low: Applies minimal processing; ideal if you apply audio processing in post-production : What minimal means ? Does it mean "none"? If not, what kind of processing is it?
  • High: Applies full audio processing (automatic gain and AAC encoding). : What does AAC encoding mean? I know that audio in MP4 files  is anyway aac . (It would be nonsense to make lossy aac encoding and then wrap it into lossless wav file) But what does this mean in the context of separate audio file (.wav)  . 




What kinds of audio volume processing exists in the audio processing pipeline for .wav and fro.mp4 file for each settings?

Is there one type (like static volume offset like +12dB) or is there also normalizer (volume offset based on smaller time window)?


I recorded movies with Raw audio =minimal. I was surprised when the audio track in  the mp4 file  was a bit quieter than ZERO dB.  (-15dB, mean -34dB).   But the WAV track is defininely recorded without volume boost (-72dB, mean -85dB) as expected.  



  • Question 3: Does the "RAW audio setting(Off,Low,Med,High)" affect the audio track of the mp4 file?
  • Question 4:  Is the audio track from mp4 file same* as the wav track from wav file In the High Setting? ( *except the difference made by audio mp4's aac compression, which is lossy by nature. But for comparison, I consider them same.)



** note the WAV file is non-standard wav, it has four channels, first two are supposed to be Left and Right, third channel 'center' / vibrations / bass-picker and fourth channel is the SILENCE.




Answers from here are insufficient.



(More questions here (regarding channel mixing, unanswered)