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any lens suggestions for hero 6 black for cinema shooting ?

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with  C mount lens changing option in modified  hero 6 balck ,  any suggestions for Lenses  for 

Cinema / Feature film  shooting  (  A Low Budget ) ?

PREFERRED   Settings  of  Native  or RAW  ?

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Re: any lens suggestions for hero 6 black for cinema shooting ?

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QKOO makes some interesting protective lens covers. I use their ND and Polarizer lens on my HERO6 and HERO5 and they work great. They are much cheaper than Polar Pro (which I also own) and work just as good.

As far as camera settings:
4K/30 or 4K/24
Protune on
Shutter: Manual is usually fine but the "cinema" setting is double frame rate, so 1/48 for 24fps or 1/60 for 30fps)
EV: -1.0 (negative one)
ISO Max: 100 (or as low as you can go - depends on available light and shutter)
WB: Manually set for your lighting
Sharpness: Medium or Low (Medium is usually best and easier to edit, Low if you want full control when editing)
Color: Flat

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Re: any lens suggestions for hero 6 black for cinema shooting ?

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Have you already modded your Hero 6 for C mount lenses? 


In addition to everything danielr15 said I would add use wide view.  You can add lens correction and scaling later on to give a Sergio Leone style wide screen view.

Action Camera Cinematic look using Lightworks


You might want to practice with the normal lens first.  With the sensor of the gopro being so small there would be a small sweet spot of focus with some of the add on lenses and pulling focus on the go might be tricky (a smidgen too little or too much and the subject could be out of focus).  Most of the C mount lenses are from CCTV systems where they are either set at a single focus depending on the cameras location or are electrically focused on larger monitors. I know that getting the focus correct using the screen on the back can be tricky from when I swapped the lenses on other cameras.


You would also have to look at the resolving power of the lenses you want to use, that is if you want to record in 4k is the lens going to be sharp enough to focus at 4k - alot of them aren't. 

Converting the standard action camera fisheye effect into a cinematic look using Lightworks.Lightwork effects downloadable from
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Re: any lens suggestions for hero 6 black for cinema shooting ?

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P. S. I'd set the white balance to native and do all the colour corrections in post.

This way the camera makes the minimal alterations to the image and you get the most details. When wb is set to auto the camera can over compensate for dominant colours (e.g add too much red and blue to a shot in a green field) which is hard to correct in post. Having the wb set to the wrong settings can similarly ruin a shot blowing out colours