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Youtube live stream no longer working - Solved!



I just found a trick how to get my GoPro Hero 7 live stream to Youtube even without 1000 subscribers.


Here is how:


1) Go to and create new live stream.

2) Use OBS (or other desktop or mobile streaming software other than Youtube/Gopro), copy/paste stream URL and key, select Thumbnail image and start stream it to YouTube. You need to do this fow a few seconds, until Youtube page will show you that stream is connected and show your image. Stop streaming on OBS.

3) Prepare URL for GoPro streaming. Concat stream URL and Key with '/', so it should looks like 


4) Open GoPro App on your phone, connect to your camera, select "Live", select "RTMP", connect to your WiFi and paste URL from #3 to stream path.

5) Tap "Start streaming".

6) Done. You goot to go. Your stream should appeat on youtube in few seconds (in my case it was like 15-20 seconds).

7) If you see your stream from GoPro on YouTube - don't forget to click "Go Live" at top of page.


Hope this will help everybody who want to make live streams from GoPro to YouTube even without 1k subscribers.


Please, comment if this works for you. I tried this yesterday and it works fine.


P.S. Background idea for this is next - your streaming software like OBS send initial headers with "Desktop" version id. Then YouTube allow streaming. Then you just switch to GoPro stream, when YouTube no longer check headers.