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Re: Your Case Number is 08378876.

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@capoan wrote:

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, my gf's gopro, with same HW on it and same parameter set, works just fine - never freeze. Plus, this is not a class 3, this is an U3. that is fine even for a 4k standard.

Please, if you have no proper idea of what are you replying about, keep your idea for you and let someone with proper experience do the job.

I would really appreciate it. :)

@capoan with 32+ years as IT admin and Mircosoft cert, I was replying to what you post as your SD card usage (know what I'm talking on). if you are recording your events in Hi-def or 4k, this card will give errors... As this GoPro chat forum is setup so others like you and many others share ideas and same issues on how-to's. So based on what you posted and show, think you are only one having this issues? GoPro outsource most of there team to help answer questions like yours. So good luck getting rapid report back soon

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Betreff: Your Case Number is 08378876.

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Oh I know both of your problems. Freeze of the camera and also 0.0 support from Gropro. I tried everything. No call back, no chat, no email feedback. I even wrote them on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. No feedback, no support. 

This is really emarrassing for such a company. They are only interessted in big accounts and small creators get zerro support.