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YouTube quality not the same

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I recently purchased GoPro Hero 7 Black. Now I've been recording my bike rides in 1080x30fps or 2.7Kx30 or 60 (Protune on, different settings tried). I then edit it and render it in Kdenlive to upload it to YouTube where the quality worsens a bit, if not significantly. 


Now, I've read the forum and tried to increase the bitrate by rendering in Ultra high quality - see screenshot. It seems to improve a bit, bit it's still quite not the same as the local video. What can I do to improve it?


I'm attaching the screenshots. 

Screenshot from 2019-08-13 12-37-25.png
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Re: YouTube quality not the same

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 read up on what youtube  and trial and error   that works for you. I do keep simple and not overly kill with codecs and wuality and it  works out.  I  think about quality vs production  can have both.

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Re: YouTube quality not the same

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I would check on the Kdenlive forums

YouTube can be very finicky with video formats and bitrates and often re-render to a poorer quality if you don't get it right. In general, the preferred codec is h.264 mp-4 video. 60fps allows for higher bitrate, which usually results in better quality. Using a variable bitrate is best. For 2.7K, a target of 30Mbps with a max of 45-60Mbps usually comes out pretty good. If you need another free video editor option, I strongly suggest DaVinci Resolve.