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Wrong timezone on GoPro hero 6

I have been reading about this issue and it seems gopro still hasnt fixed it. The gopro records and stores videos in GMT (0) timezone which always sets my videos off by whichever timezone i'm currently in. For example, I'm in hawaii, which is GMT (-10) so my videos always set the time 10 hours behind. This seems like it has been a really annoying issue and its something gopro could easily fix by adding a timezone setting to the software.

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Re: Wrong timezone on GoPro hero 6



yeap... the only solution I see right now is to manually change the time in Preference menu everytime you cross a timezone....






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Re: Wrong timezone on GoPro hero 6

Found a partial fix. For a simple edit of the metadata (which is really easy) just search the App Store for “photo metadata” and download the first app that comes up. It allows you to change all details of photo and video metadata. No computer required. I change the metadata of my videos before I upload them to Google photos. This works really well.

Let me know if you tried it and how it worked for you.

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Re: Wrong timezone on GoPro hero 6

Yes but again this makes the camera a bad product. Imagine after each video to have to change manually the time... and if you change the time in order to work as GMT 0 then the photos will be out of time.

It is a shame from gopro’s engineers to leave such a bug to exist and fool us with meaningless statements such as ios is not reading their metadata but they have an app!!

So they could make the app to correct automatically the time. No excuses here.