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Worst customer experience ever... seriously

Never have a business with GoPro... They just don't give a f*ck about their customers.

Context:  I ordered KARMA package with express shipping and they said that it's out of stock.  They refused to cancel the order... 5 days and few posts later they shipped it, but it was too late because I was already off for a vacation... They said that it will be cancelled if I just don't pick it up from the UPS...

So I didn't pick it up and spent 1 month trying to return the package back, and I never touched the product because it was in the UPS all the time...Their warehouse department had to simply confirm the package return, but they did nothing so the package was in the UPS for 1 month until was returned automatically.... Also they assured me that I will get my money back immediately when the package is returned to their warehouse... Guess what? 3 days later I get back to support (they do not say you anything until you spend time reaching to support) and they say that it will be on my card within 10-15 business days. 20 days later (today) I ask for my moneyh back once again and guess what? They say that I have to wait 7-10 business days more (2 weeks)... What is wrong with this f*cking company? Why other companies handle refunds in a matter of hours and **bleep**ty GoPro makes you wait for weeks or months...



Never order from GoPro. You will never get customer support. You will never get what you are asking for. They don't even have a way to rate customer support service so support representatives just keep procrastinaing, lying, and treating you as an animal. Even non-english speaking chinese sellers from Aliexpress provide better support and better service quality.