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Won't charge - won't turn on?

I bought a Go Pro Hero Black 5 a month ago in Best Buy. Just tried to charge and set it up today.


When I try to charge it (I have tried through my computer, through the wall with the correct voltage adaptor etc, I have taken the battery out and in again, taken SD card out etc), the red light won't come on. When I have it plugged into the wall and I try to turn it on, the red light flashes, it turns on, says low battery and dies, then the red light flashes again and it turns itself on again and repeats the cycle. 

As I can't charge it, I can't update it! 


I have used the cable straight out of the box with a working plug, and tried a different cable as well. It is still plugged in with no red light. 


What else can I do to try to charge it? Did it come with a faulty battery? How much is a new one and where do you buy it? Would it be covered under warranty? 


Thanks, Madeleine. 

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Re: Won't charge - won't turn on?

leave the camera plugged in for at least a few hours. during hte 1st 30 minutes the  red led  should pop on solid red. if not let it stay longer till it  tries.  the actual  time to  charge is 3 hours on a wal lcharger 5 on a laptop  when really depleted..


If you let the camsit from day one of purchase and its a month or two later, try at least to get back to  Bestbuy, explain  to them  maybe they'll exchange it,  Also they sell it all there accessories.  rightnextto where you got it?


 online  aftermarket bats don't nearly cost as much but the original is 20 I believe aftermarkets 5 plus.  you can opted for a   outside charger.


 Call up gopro number located on the bottom  of each webpage.   Support is real  backed up. due to Sales marketing or revamping or downsizing, or 3rd party contracting


 good luck