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Wireless Livestreaming Questions

I am looking for some guidance. (I am new to GoPro). I have 3 Hero 8s and want to livesteam from within a race car. Ideally with a range of about 500 ft of wireless is needed in order to get to OBS. Any suggestions or guidance on the proper setup for this?

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Re: Wireless Livestreaming Questions

Sure this is no problem.


1:  In order to ensure there is no lag and each camera is synced, you're actually going to have to buy a media mod for each camera.

2:  You will then utilize the HDMI out on each media mod and run this (via HDMI) into a HDMI to USB capture device.

3:  Each USB capture device will be connected to a laptop or a pc (although for a racing car, I recommend a laptop due to weight involved).

4:  You then have two options

A:  (not really recommended)  You will then need to open OBS studio on the laptop and set up each USB capture device as a video source.  Your video producer (who would have to be in the back of the race car) can then pick which video source is to be used as the primary feed during the race and switch between the multiple sources.

B:  (better solution to recude weight in car) You can open multiple instances of OBS studio, 1 for each video source, and have each stream broadcast from your car back to a receiving station in the pits where a video producer can then have each source received into their version of OBS Studio and pick and choose which one will be used as the primary feed and when.

Please note that for the above, you would need to haul around a fairly hefty power supply, a really good router with a very powerful tranmission array and have a really good high gain antenna on both the car and the receiving station at the pits.

Please note that due to radio interference, reception issues, that transmission or reception may be lost during this time, in which case you will need to pull the car over, stop and re-establish connection by manually setting up the camera's again.


You also have the other option of using the built in streaming from the GoPro Hero 8 that can broadcast directly to Youtube and Facebook.  You would just need a cell phone for each camera, 3 different facebook account or 3 different youtube accounts.  The viewer would then have to log in and out of each account to change angle.  Please note that the livestream will automatically reduce quality (resolution and bit rate) depending on how good a cell phone signal is available.


This is how you would use multiple GoPro Hero 8's for live broadcast from your race car.


Or you could use an actual racecar system that's specifically designed for broadcasting multiple live streams from a race car

Please note that these systems are not cheap and could end up setting you back around 5K for a simple setup.


Your cheaper option may be to contact a production company and see if they would rent you out a live camera system and an engineer (and a producer) for the day.