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Wifi-reach and battery life




I'd like to capture a scene to suprise my girlfriend.

For this to work, I'd need two things and i'm not sure if this is realistic with my go pro hero 8:

- Put my go pro hero 8 in stand-by modus with wifi turned on for +/- 14h. I guess i'll hide it in a tree, so if needed i can add a power bank (16 000mAh, V8). Will this do?

- Turn the go pro from a stand-by modus (with wifi turned on) to "start recording" from a 60m distance. Is this possible with my smartphone or will i need a special device?



Kind regards


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Re: Wifi-reach and battery life

Hello, @filipw14. Under optimal conditions, the Wi-Fi range for the GoPro App is 600 feet (about 183 meters) so the 60-meter distance should be covered. This range though is highly impacted by possible interference in the area so it is best to test it out before the event. 


On the other hand, the standby mode of -/+ 14 hours may not work. When in idle status, the app and the camera can only remain connected for up to 8 hours. Over this time, you will not be able to control/power on/activate the camera from a distance. You may be able to shorten the time gap thought by pairing the app and the camera within the 8 hours. 


Again, it is very important to simulate before the event to ensure that all components will be working as expected. This is to consider other environmental factors that could affect the connectivity between the camera and the phone through the app. Best regards!