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Wifi password

I bought this gopro on ebay and there is a wifi password stopping me from connecting it to the app. The previous owner says they forgot the password and i have tried updating it but nothing is working. Any ideas?
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Re: Wifi password

Hello @ash1349. You can reset the camera's Wi-Fi name and password through the steps detailed here. Make sure you choose Wi-Fi and Firmware Update among the three options. 

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Re: Wifi password

These options are not allowing me to reset. Once I hit Step 4, it is throwing an error code on the webpage. Also, it says download the zipfile to the SIM Card. Is this the GOPRO100 File within the camera? Thank you. 

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Re: Wifi password

Hi @patrickd281,


Please reformat your SD card first. 

Make sure that it is empty before following the steps on GoPro's Update website. 


After formatting it visit: and then choose a camera model. 

Type in your serial number and email address. 


Follow the steps posted and then download the UPDATE file. 

It should be a zip file. 


Unzip the file (


Copy the UPDATE folder to your SD card. 


Insert your the SD card to your camera and turn it on. 



If you're using a HERO3 and older camera.

Use the password you just created.


If its a HERO4 or newer. 

You'll be asked to create a new password on the pairing process.