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Wiedergabe von Slow Motion Videos

Hallo wie kann man Slow Motion Videos am PC ( Windows 10 oder Mac ) abspielen?

Bei mir funktioniert die wiedergabe nur in Echtzeit. Hab auch Go Pro Quick installiert da funktioniert es auch nicht?


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Re: Wiedergabe von Slow Motion Videos

Hi @benjaminl028


You would need to work on an editing application to slow down the playback speed.

See Programs to View and Edit Videos

Let us know how it goes.




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Re: Wiedergabe von Slow Motion Videos

First of all you haven't recorded anything in slow motioin.  Even if you have recorded footage at 60/120/240 fps this is high fframe rate footage and not slow motion as it will all play back at the same frame rate you recorded it with..


For it to be slow motion you need to have the playback frame rate to be less than the recorded frame rate.  The usual way to do this is in a Video Editor package (for example Davinci Resolve which is available for Windows, Mac and Linux in a free version). 


You import the video as normal then apply a speed control tothe clip (how to do this varies depending on the editor you are using) when you can then set the speed of the clip to either the exact framerate, to a percentage (e.g. 50%, 25% 12.5%) or to a fecimal fraction (0.5, 0.25, 0.125)


These settings would give you half speed, quarter speed and eith speed which result in the three framerates given at the top all being played back at 30fps.


It's better to plan in advance what the speed reduction is going to be so that you can set the correct framerate when recording.  Recording at 240fps but only playing at 0.25 speed would give a 60fps final frame rate and on a 30fps time line every other frame would be thrown away leaving you with slow motion where the motion blur just doesn''t look right.