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Re: WiFi not turning on in Hero 4 Silver

I just had the most frustrating tech. support experiences of my life. I have shared photos, invoices, version informations with the support guys. They weren't able to come up with a solution to my WiFi problem. I did not ask for a refund or replacement. I JUST WANT MY CAMERA WIFI TO FUNCTION AGAIN AND YOU SHOULD COME UP WITH A SOLUTION. They have finalized the chat stating that they will mail me a resolution.


Here is what I got.


"Thanks for the reply and providing the requested information. Unfortunately we are unable to replace your camera as it is no longer under warranty. However, with that being said, we absolutely want to help out as best as we can.
We know these situations can be difficult and frustrating, so we would like to offer a 20% discount towards the purchase of one new camera from our web store. This one-time exception can be applied toward the purchase of any new camera available on
In order to take advantage of the discount, we’ll need you to please send your damaged camera back to our facility. Once it is received, we’ll let you know so you can give us a call to place your discounted order over the phone.

Should you like to take us up on this offer, please let me know by replying directly to this email and I can get the process started. Please feel free to ask any other questions you may have and I will be more than happy to continue helping. 

Many Thanks,"


If you have any issues with the wifi of your GoPro, you can throw it to the nearest bin. That is the optimal solution.


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Re: WiFi not turning on in Hero 4 Silver



My wifi is not stayig on on my GoPro Hero 4 camera. The wifi will stay red and turn off straight away. I saw someone else had the same issue. They were given the advice below which I followed too and now my camera won't pair with my app! 


What else can I do?


All of these issues have fairly similar solutions and troubleshooting:

-Make sure that you are going to the PAIR option rather than the ON/OFF option on your first time pairing the camera with a new mobile device or after resetting Wi-Fi in the camera. These options are in the WIRELESS section of the camera menu.


-If you seem to have an error in which the camera is not recognized by your phone, or if no PIN code is not showing up when you press PAIR, then we'll want to reset the Wi-Fi on the camera (Set Up menu --> RESET CAM --> RESET Wi-Fi). It's important, after doing this, to make sure to ERASE your camera from the list of previously connected devices in the GOPRO APP if you had connected and given your camera a name in the past. After having both reset the camera's Wi-Fi and erased the camera from the App, you can go through the pairing process, and add the camera again, creating a new name and password.


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Re: WiFi not turning on in Hero 4 Silver

Same problem with my hero 4 black. Wifi doesnt turn on. No pin. Called support and it was the worst experience i had ever. Customer support sucks with gopro so I decided that I will never buy a gopro product ever again.
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Re: WiFi not turning on in Hero 4 Silver

i deleted the device from my phone in both wifi and bluetooth, it reconnects but i now igmore the update

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Re: WiFi not turning on in Hero 4 Silver

WiFi was working fine on mine then poof decided to stop. Already had paired to my iPhone and used on a regular basis being the GoPro is is used as a dash cam and checked on the phone to be sure pro was straight on the dash attachment. Tried repairing with no luck. Any suggestions?
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Re: WiFi not turning on in Hero 4 Silver

I’m the same issue and have tried a few of the solutions posted on here but not getting it to work.
So main problem is wi fi was working fine and just all of a sudden it won’t work. Tried reserrinf the go pro and wi fi and tried repairing but was unable to repair again with my iPhone. Are there any other suggestions or places I can contact.
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Re: WiFi not turning on in Hero 4 Silver

Hello @spirydive5555


Since you have already tried out the recommended steps here, it would be best to get further assistance from our Support team. You can connect with them here:




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WiFi not turning on in Hero 4 Silver and PIN not showing on camera

Hi all,

I recently purchased a refurbhished GoPro Hero 4 Silver and had an issue with the WIFI not turning on and the PIN number not showing. After two frustrating days of trying different things, I saw a post from a GoPro Moderator that said if everything you try fails, then try the update process at the following link ""


To fix my issue, I followed this process, with a small change to what is documented in step 6. Rather than "Drag the files inside the UPDATE folder to your microSD card", "Drag the UPDATE folder to your microSD card". Make sure you drag the "UPDATE" folder from the Step 5 Extract, and not the Update.Zip folder. 


By following this update, I then went through the below standard process and everything worked correct. Posting this as I hope it helps others avoid two days of frustration


HERO4 Black & Silver Pairing Process

  1. Open the GoPro App:
    • From the home page, tap the icon in the top left corner.
    • Tap on "Add A Camera" (iOS), "Camera" (Android)
    • Tap "HERO4.”
  2. Pick up your camera:
    • Hold the Mode button to power on your camera. 
    • Press the Mode button until you highlight "Setup,” then press the shutter button to select it.
  3. On the app, tap "Continue."
  4. On the camera, complete these steps:
    • Press the shutter button twice to turn on Wi-Fi.
    • Press the Mode button to highlight “Pair,” then press the shutter button to select it.
  5. On the app, tap "Continue."
  6. On the camera, press the shutter button to select "GoPro App."
  7. On the app, complete these steps:
    • Tap “Continue.”
    • Enter the PIN listed on the camera's LCD screen, then tap “Pair.”
    • Enter a name and password for your camera.
    • Tap “Update Your Camera.”  
  8. Tap your camera name to connect to the camera’s Wi-Fi network and you are all set!