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WiFi and App connection Usless on GoPro Hero 7

After having many GoPro's 3,4 and 5 and selling them all as for my purposes GoPro never worked well for me I got tempted to purchase the GoPro Hero 7  thinking after several years GoPro must have solved the issue with it's app and WiFi connectivity.


I'm a YouTuber with a decent size 4WD Chanell in Australia and mainly use the GoPro for recording via the App with the Camera mounted on the roof rack around 50cm away from the phone or iPad.


The GoPro Hero 7 still can't maintain a reasonable reliabel WiFi connection and is pretty much usless for that application


This what happens:


- image on app hangs

- appl looses connection

- app can't reconnect unless camera is switched on and off again


I tried on two dfferent devices to ensure it's not a 3rd party device issue.


Doing the same with a TomTom bandit it works most of the time the GoPro has not managed to retain a connection for more then a few minutes on and off recording at all.


I mean I can fly my DJI drones km's away with no connection loss and full image transmission.


Am I the only one with this issues? any work around?

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Re: WiFi and App connection Usless on GoPro Hero 7

First of all, sweet ride!


I think a couple of things are going to play into this.  Between the Camera and the phone receiving you have a big heavy metal roof rack, a metal car roof that may or may not have copper wiring running through it, you also have a CB radio mounted directly to that roof between the camera and the phone.  You also have a navigation device that may or may not be using bluetooth connectivity to other devices, a radio that is displaying a bluetooth icon so that's connected to something.  So I'm wondering if the environment is actually just too "noisy" for a small camera's Wifi connection.  Also, what are your shooting modes?  (frame rate, stabilization active etc.)  This could be putting a lot of workload on the camera also.


There's a couple of things you can try such as reducing the workload on the camera (lower resolution, unneeded features turned off etc).  Also have you tried changing the WiFi band your camera uses from 5ghz to 2.4 ghz?  It will mean a slower tranfer rate for pictures and video but you may get a stronger signal.


It's unfortunate that you are experiencing these issues, I also have connectivity issues with my camera's but it's not a huge issue since I only use the live preview for setting up a shot and getting framing correct, so when it drops connection it's never a huge issue.  Still GoPro are constantly updating their app and introducing fixes and improvements, so keep that up to date and keep leaving feedback for GoPro.

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Re: WiFi and App connection Usless on GoPro Hero 7

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I hear you I will try changing the frequency, however I often fly my DJI drone out of the car in exactly the same enviroment (to prevent the sun on the screen) 1-2km away. I also now use my TomTom Bandit for most stuff on car again or my Sony FDR X3000, even though the main reason for me to buy the GoPro was the hyperlaps and non of the other cameras have the issue GoPro has. So if others can do it I would supposed the ,used to be, "industry Leader" can too? Fact is I should not need to check for other BT devices and go trough so much effort. The issues is the same in my second vehicle which is a play truck and has hardly any wireless distration. Given the connection is WiFi BT should not really matter or?


Yes they do updating the app, often to be worsee then before (for instance when they decided you need to be online to actually use the app which they kept insisting to do for over a year and ruined many peoples day when trying to film in remote locations)  I'm waiting for GoPro to fix this issue for 4 years now thats when i first raised it with them.

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Re: WiFi and App connection Usless on GoPro Hero 7

If I were to take my own drones controller apart, the wifi card inside would be far larger than a GoPro Hero 7 itself.  If I were to include the high gain antenna's I use also....  So not exactly and apples to apples comparison.  After all, look at the battery and output that's being used just to power said controller.  So yes, the range on your drone will of course be much much better than a sports camera.


However I think the stability of the app and the connection could be a lot better.  With so many knock off camera's on the market I think GoPro really should concentrate on make sure that it's software is:


A:  Easy to use

B:  Offers excellent features

C:  Be reliable


Good luck with you camera, let us know if changing the wifi band helps improve things.