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Why no email: can’t download older than 72 hrs media

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Why do you not have email customer service? I don’t want my issues public and I don’t like talking to people.
My issue is; How do I retrieve media that is on sd card and older than 72 hours?
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Re: Why no email: can’t download older than 72 hrs media

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Hello @supercliff36324


The email support has long been retired to ensure that a real-time resolution is provided to customers. If on your question you meant accessing or viewing the media that you have on the SD card used in your GoPro camera, there would be a number of ways to do it. You can: 

  1. pair your camera with your phone through the GoPro App and import your GoPro media
  2. connect your camera directly to a computer that works compatibly with the Quik for desktop and you can also import media to the computer, and 
  3. use an SD card adapter to insert the SD card a to a computer and copy or transfer the files from it to the computer. 

If you have a different  issue, feel free to post back so we can further assist you. 


Best regards, 

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Re: Why no email: can’t download older than 72 hrs media

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I don’t like my questions public! Email and this are basically the same, so email is also real time. I have the app for my iphone. I away and don’t have access to computer. I cannot access my media from gopro6 if it is older than 72hrs. It doesn’t show up, at all. Anyways, the gopro 6 that I bought a month ago was having software issues. it would freeze up, not even the power button would turn it off. You’d have to take the battery out and then it would freeze up again and again. I was able to get some media from it, but not all. Too late to do anything about it now. I returned it to the store I bought it from.