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Why no SuperView in 4k 50/60fps?

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I shoot at 50 fps with SuperView. SuperView provides the signature immersive look, and 25/30 fps is too choppy or blurry to be immersive. I'm really only interested in shooting with SuperView and with higher framerates, anything else doesn't make sense to me.


The most recent GoPro camera I bought was the Hero6. Why have I not bought a more recent model since? Well, if you'll notice, GoPro has not upgraded the video resolution for four whole generations!


This is a list of maximum resolution that each camera would do (with SuperView, and at least 50/60 fps) for each year/generation: 


2013: Hero3+: 1080p60
2014: Hero4: 1080p80

2015: No new camera, still stuck with the Hero4 for this year. 
2016: Hero5: 1080p80 
2017: Hero6: 2.7k60
2018: Hero7: 2.7k60
2019: Hero8: 2.7k60
2020: Hero9: 2.7k60


I upgraded from the Hero4 to the Hero6 (the same week it was released in 2017) because there was a significant jump in resolution. Since then, nothing has happened, for four years. We are still living in the year 2017. 


When will GoPro finally get around to delivering 4k SuperView with 50/60 fps? 

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Re: Why no SuperView in 4k 50/60fps?

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Hello @bluejump5503


Thank you for the feedback.

We'll have this shared with the team.

Please continue checking our website for updates.